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All my designs are from my own patterns.  I do study classic stuffed animal patterns, but I incorporate ways to use the material in unique ways.  Since everything is made of repurposed sweaters there are always odd details that I can incorporate.  For the larger pieces, I provide the provenance of the material.  In other words, you’ll have the knowledge that your squirrel was formerly a Banana Republic turtleneck or Ralph Lauren argyle pullover.  I try to use the existing seams to highlight muscle structure of the creatures.  The cuffs often are used for snails—the ribbing adds a flourish to their shells.  Sweater sleeves are reserved for elephants and piglets—as rolling the material makes their trunks and snouts. The variety of the raw materials (felted repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters) presents constant challenges and changes in the outcome. This means that every animal is truly unique.  I can cut out a dozen rhinoceros and they will all be slightly different due to how the material stretches once I add the unbleached organic cotton stuffing.  I really never know exactly how they’ll turn out.  I embrace the happy accidents.


When not crafting animals from recycled materials, Zazu Faure is a Los Angeles based building designer focusing on residential remodels which make the best use of the pre-existing conditions--practicing architecture with a lower case "a."

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