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Special Event a Part of TEDx: Next Generation at The Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanic Garden, San Marino, CA


April 18, 2020,   1 pm to 3pm

Free Workshop for TEDx attendees

Cancelled due to pandemic

Animal Making Workshops with Zazu Faure take place at Belles Nest in Sierra Madre, CA.  There are classes suitable for all ages.  Students complete a project in each session.  Basic sewing techniques are taught.  Both hand sewing and machine sewing workshops available.  Sign up for our mailing list to find out when new classes are scheduled.

Handmade Sweater Animals from Repurposed Materials

A hand sewing workshop that focuses on sustainability.  Learn to make a variety of animals from salvaged and repurposed sweaters.  All materials provided.  A variety of easy to follow patterns and hands on instruction.  You'll create a unique toy during the workshop.  Some sewing experience helpful but all welcome.




Check back for more possible workshops this Fall as we are able to meet in person in the Los Angeles area.



This was two hours and thirty of my hard-earned dollars so well spent.  I learned to build creatively on my basic sewing skills. The artist/instructor -- the wonderful and incredibly talented and accomplished Zazu -- provided ALL the materials and tools needed. She patiently and attentively demonstrated how, when and where to use certain items, and how to prepare fabrics and notions (in advance) for use. The setting in the Belle's Nest shop was welcoming and comfortable. I actually DID create my first "recycled monster" during my time there that morning. I left feeling empowered with knowledge and confident that I could make more of these "monsters"...even on my own! I hope to try to make another "monster" on my own...and then enjoy a second class with Zazu to enhance my still quite rudimentary skills. Thank you, Zazu! Thank you Belle's Nest! I really appreciate what you offer through your shop.


                                      Margaret O'Rourke

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